"The Last Disciples"

by Dan McGibbon

Eleven descendants of the twelve disciples of Christ are alive and waiting without knowing the great battle they must fight. Raised by their mothers, they never knew their fathers. They led a normal life that was guarded and protected by unknown forces. On their twenty-first birthday each ones mother died suddenly. At the funeral they all were visited by an old man who give them a small bush like plant. The old man told them it was from their father and to guard it with their lives. He also told them not to eat the berries until you know.
Know what? They all would find out someday.
They all lived regular heathy lives keeping the plant safe. The plant never produced any berries until twenty years later on their forty first birthday one berry appeared. That night their all eat a berry. The room started to spin the objects were floating all around them. They fell into a dream state; riding a great white horse running through the forest they came across a fire spitting dragon. Jumping off the horse, sword in hand, they killed the beast. Then they fall into a deep sleep.
Waking the next morning everything started to make more sense. They knew there was something they had to do but exactly what was not clear. That same day they all received a delivered envelope with a plane ticket to Ecuador. Arriving at the Quito airport they were greeted by a driver who drove them to a remote location deep in the jungle. A large palace appeared out of nowhere. They were greeted by a beautiful maiden and shown to their room.
They were told dinner was at five.
As they walked into the grand dinning hall they saw the old man who gave them the plant sitting in the middle of a large dinning table with what looked like an alter behind him. There was six chairs to each side of him. They all took a sit and the old man said, “Did you all notice there is one chair vacant? That is why you are here.”
Then the old man started to tell them why they were there.
“You are the descendants of the disciples of Jesus and I am his father Joseph’s descendant. The one missing is Judith’s descendant and we have been battling them every generation since Jesus's crucifixion. All these years Judith’s descendants has been reeking evil on the world and must be stopped and terminated. Every one of your descendants have tried and failed to stop him. This is your time. He must be defeated and one of you will be the one.”
The old man rang a small bell that was to the left of him. Beautiful maidens started to serve them the most wonderful food and drink they had ever had. They ate in silence. After they where done he rang the bell again and the table was cleared. He got up and went behind him to the alter. There was one of the plants to one side. He picked a berry from the plant and placed it in a golden chalice. He brought a large silver plate with the golden chalice and placed it in the center of the table. As each one drunk from the cup Joseph said, “Drink and you will understand with the knowledge you will have.”
They started to float above their chairs and the room began to spin. They had visions of how all their descendants had tried and failed to eliminate Judith. They knew one of them would have to succeed. A maiden for each one grabbed their hand and brought them back to their room. Following into a dream like state they made passionate love.
The next morning they all returned home and planned how they would defeat Judith. As each one got closer to Judith they were killed mysteriously. Daniel was the last one left and has got closer than anyone had before.
Daniel got out of the cab and walked up the steps to the high rise building that Judith owned and had his main office. He walked up to the receptionist and said he had an appointment with Judith. She said, “There was no appointment.”
Daniel said, “Look again.”
“Oh, here it is, you can go right up.”
Walking into his office Judith was sitting behind a large desk. Daniel sat across from him and open a briefcase he had. He ate a berry, took a dagger and attacked Judith stabbing him in the heart. At the same time Judith stabbed Daniel right into his heart.
As they both fell to the floor dying Daniel let out a loud scream. At the same time twelve mothers screamed and gave birth to
the next living descendants of the last disciples of Christ.

-The End-
or just the beginning.